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At the Not Naughty Bakery, we have redefined what it means to have the best of both worlds by creating a new standard for baked goods. We call it being "Better For You," with the fiber and taste you want, and without the sugar and calories you don’t. The secret is our sweetener. We have developed a proprietary sweetener blend with natural and plant based ingredients to create Better For You baked goods that are simply amazing. This blend allows us to create high fiber, low glycemic, low carb, low calorie baked goods and snacks that share the same sweet tastes as their traditional recipes, but without the guilt!

We mean what we say when it comes to our products benefits and your health. We invite you to explore and learn more about the ingredients that work  together to deliver our irresistible products!




187 Calories
47g Carbs
32g Fiber

See What's Inside


Stevia is a natural bush that has been used as a sweetener for hundreds of years(1). We use Stevia because it is two hundred times sweeter than comparable amounts of sugar, and is recognized as safe by the FDA and the Center For Science In The Public Interest. While you may be familiar with traditional Stevia products, our sweetener contains the best tasting parts of the plant including Reb D and Reb M, which make up less than one percent of the stevia leaf. This is done through fermentation, which uses less land, water and waste than other methods of glycoside extraction(2). At Not Naughty, we don’t believe in sacrificing taste for health, and using Stevia means we don’t have to.


This beautiful flour has a secret in its roots. Chicory root is made of the dietary fiber inulin, allowing it to be used as a fiber booster thought the baked good and supplement industry(1). When chicory roots are ground and consumed as fiber, it can alleviate high blood pressure, constipation, and skin inflammation, while preventing heart failure, cancer, and other conditions(2). We use chicory root fiber as a bulking agent and fiber booster because we know how important finding natural solutions are to make baked goods guilt free.


Erythritol is a sugar alcohol commonly used to sweeten beverages and baked goods. It can be found in fruits and fermented beverages(1). To make it, glucose is taken from corn and fermented with a yeast fungus to to naturally reveal erythritol(2). We use erythritol because its antioxidant effects allow for a sweetner that doesn't spike blood sugar or insulin levels(3). Erythritol is also known to produce less unfavorable digestive effects than other sugar alcohols, is Generally Recognized As Safe by the FDA, and hold's a green rating from the Center For Science In The Public Interest.



Plant sterols are found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, and are proven to reduce LDL cholesterol(1). At The Not Naughty Bakery, we are all about finding solutions to the nations health crises, and high cholesterol is one of them. 




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